Complete Farrier Services

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Shoeing is possible for a variety of disciplines from trail riding to dressage to cowboy mounted shooting. We carry an array of inventory to meet the individual needs of you and your horse, as well as the necessary tools to get the job done, including a forge, drill press, and grinder. While the most common is to nail shoes on, also offered is direct or indirect gluing and casting. When it comes to more therapeutic applications, specialty shoes, clogs and composites are available or can be made, along with frog, wedge and pour-in pads and the necessary packing. Please contact me directly with specific questions regarding the needs of your horse.

*Prices are subject to increase depending on how much work there is, how long it has been since the last trim and the behavior of the horse
*Lameness consultation, specialty and/or custom shoes, pads, and packing are not included and priced separately.