KrosschecK Leverage Testing

The KrosschecK system, simply put, allows me to ask your horse if or where it hurts. From that information, I can build a finely-tuned, custom package to promote comfort, soundness, and performance. Please contact me directly with questions, I have included the information below from Contact for pricing

The KrosschecK™ Leverage Testing Device (KLTD) is designed as a complimentary workup tool for veterinarians and farriers. This tool is easily and comfortably attached to a horse’s foot using a specialized rubber strap. Once on the foot, the wedged dial on the ground surface is easily rotated to 8 different locations. By elevating different locations around the perimeter of the foot, you can influence the various soft tissue structures in and around the distal interphalangeal joint, as well as the joint surface itself. Discomfort and comfort can be illustrated by the horse with the wedged dial in a given position.

EasyCare Boots

Sometimes our favorite equines benefit from boots, whether it be for riding, hauling, stalling at shows, lost shoes, or abscesses. I am an Official EasyCare Dealer and am happy to assist you in your boot-fitting and customized purchase needs.

Products and Websites

  • Krosscheck – Leverage testing devices for horses.