What We Offer

Here is a list of some of the services Dana has in her tool box:

  • Equine Hoof Casts (great for transitioning to barefoot)
  • Equilox Products
  • Equi-pak/Vettech Products
  • Hoof Packing- DIM, Magic cushion, R.A.T.E
  • Double Nail Pad Systems
  • Plywood Custom Founder Support Applications
  • NB Style Shoes, Centre Fit, Elite Hinds
  • EDSS Support Systems including Rails
  • Performance Leverage Reduction PLR Shoes
  • Leverage Testing (EDSS) by Krosscheck
  • Steward Clogs
Equine Farrier Services

Services Include

All services and pricing include gait and conformation evaluation, live sole hoof mapping and hoof testing. This means I watch your horse go at a walk and trot on the straight and in a circle, on a variety of surfaces, if necessary. How your horse is put together, how the hoof engages the ground, where the horse lives, what job he or she has, and what your expectations are for the performance of your equine are all taken into consideration. Below you will see a few terms in relation to pricing. The term “haul-in” refers to clients that come to our facility, “travel trim” is if the farrier comes to you. Depending on your location, a separate travel fee would be discussed upfront.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our facility & location just outside Charlotte, in Monroe, North Carolina, is purposely and thoughtfully set up for haul-ins and layovers. We invite you to read more about what we offer, and happily answer questions if you have any.

Yes we offer both haul-in and layovers. Contact us to schedule.

Yes we do offer travel services. Contact us to schedule.

Payment is expected at time of service.

What is Live Sole Hoof Mapping? Why use it?

Balanced Barefoot Trims

I am frequently asked if this trim is different than when trimming for shoes, and the answer is yes. In fact, this trim is different depending on each individual foot. As was listed above- conformation, environment, job, and owner expectations are all taken into consideration to achieve balance and comfort for your horse. The sole surface will be trimmed as necessary, flares addressed, the wall beveled to prevent chipping and the toe rolled when possible. Barefoot trims can be a hot topic among different styles of hoof care practitioners and horse owners. My philosophy on this is that the horse’s comfort and soundness come first, and there are many ways to achieve both. If the horse and owner are happy barefoot, I am happy with the horse barefoot.

There are markers on the sole surface of the hoof that can be used to locate where support should be brought to at the back of the foot, the true apex of the frog, the widest part of the foot/center of rotation of the coffin joint, the tip of the coffin bone and where breakover should be. This is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including: identifying and controlling distortions, knowing what to trim away and what to leave, balancing the foot 50/50 around the center of rotation, properly positioning breakover, reducing tendon tension, and promoting healthy hoof function. I map the feet every time, whether I draw the lines or not.

  • Haul-in Trim: Contact for pricing
  • Travel Trim: Contact for pricing

Prices are subject to increase depending on how much work there is, how long it has been since the last trim and the behavior of the horse.

Complete Farrier Services




Therapeutic Packages

Shoeing is possible for a variety of disciplines from trail riding to dressage to cowboy mounted shooting. We carry an array of inventory to meet the individual needs of you and your horse, as well as the necessary tools to get the job done, including a forge, drill press, and grinder. While the most common is to nail shoes on, also offered is direct or indirect gluing and casting. When it comes to more therapeutic applications, specialty shoes, clogs and composites are available or can be made, along with frog, wedge and pour-in pads and the necessary packing. Please contact me directly with specific questions regarding the needs of your horse.

*Prices are subject to increase depending on how much work there is, how long it has been since the last trim and the behavior of the horse
*Lameness consultation, specialty and/or custom shoes, pads, and packing are not included and priced separately.

KrosschecK Leverage Testing

The KrosschecK system, simply put, allows me to ask your horse if or where it hurts. From that information, I can build a finely-tuned, custom package to promote comfort, soundness, and performance. Please contact me directly with questions, I have included the information below from Contact for pricing.

The KrosschecK™ Leverage Testing Device (KLTD) is designed as a complimentary workup tool for veterinarians and farriers. This tool is easily and comfortably attached to a horse’s foot using a specialized rubber strap. Once on the foot, the wedged dial on the ground surface is easily rotated to 8 different locations. By elevating different locations around the perimeter of the foot, you can influence the various soft tissue structures in and around the distal interphalangeal joint, as well as the joint surface itself. Discomfort and comfort can be illustrated by the horse with the wedged dial in a given position.

Sometimes our favorite equines benefit from boots, whether it be for riding, hauling, stalling at shows, lost shoes, or abscesses. I am an Official EasyCare Dealer and am happy to assist you in your boot-fitting and customized purchase needs.

EasyCare Boots

Products and Websites

  • Krosscheck – Leverage testing devices for horses.

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